BlogBlogging and Content WritingInfographic: 13 Grammar Mistakes Beautiful People Don't Make

Infographic: 13 Grammar Mistakes Beautiful People Don't Make

With social media and messaging apps being used daily, grammar and writing skills have taken a back seat.

These errors are transferring into resumes, emails, articles and anything you could possibly imagine. However,considering that what you write is a direct reflection on you, you do not want to come across as lazy, unintelligent or even worse, unattractive.

The question is: How can you avoid making grammar mistakes that you don’t know you’re making in the first place?

The Expert Editor have created a great infographic that highlights 13 common grammar mistakes and how to avoid them. Study it, learn from it and bookmark this page so you make sure to never commit these grammatical slip ups again.

Grammar Infographic

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Rachael Lui is a content manager and editor for The Expert Editor, UK's leading editing and proofreading company. She's fascinated by the English language, and her one prerequisite for a romantic partner is perfect grammar.

Sorry - Passive voice per se is NOT a grammar crime. The wrong voice may be a misdemeanor, but there are many situations in which the correct voice to use is the passive.
By mclean.malcolm on 14 October 2016, 04:25 AM
I think you meant to use Captain James T Kirk's (not Kurk as shown above) famous phrase as an example of a split infinitive. He always said 'To boldly go....' However it has been quoted above as 'To go boldly...' which makes it correct!
By lornawatson6774 on 22 October 2016, 05:24 PM

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