FREE EBOOK: 20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers

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Whether you are writing a novel, essay, article or email, good writing is an essential part of communicating your ideas.

This practical guide contains 20 important writing tips and techniques from a wide range of professional writers. Some focus on the minutia of specific word selection; others focus on the more complex ideas like finding the right metaphor, policing your work for Purple Prose, or figuring out when it’s time to send it off to potential publishers.

Download 20 Editing Tips From Professional Writers for free now!

20 editing tips from professional writers

About the Author:

Lisa Lepki is the Editor of the ProWritingAid blog. A word nerd, she loves the technical elements of writing almost as much as the writing itself. She is the co-author of The Novel-Writing Training Plan and 20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers Her work can also be found on Writer’s Digest,, The Write Life, and DIYAuthor. Contact her on

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  • jasperoldersom says
    This is an amazing resource! I'm going to take my time to soak it all in this weekend. The design looks beautiful and every tip is explained very thorough. Thank you so much for sharing this, Lisa. - Jasper Oldersom
    Posted On Mar 10, 2016 | 07:48
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  • Joanne C. Laplante says
    Posted On Mar 08, 2017 | 04:28
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