Improve your Writing Tip #2 - Don't hide your verbs, rejoice in them

May 10, 2013, 0 Comments

Improve your writing

Verbs are the engine of our writing, they excite, engage and thrust it forward. Verbs should be strong and active. Many writers end up accidentally hiding their verbs. This process (called nominalisation) turns verbs into nouns and adds a weak verb in their place. For example: "We will make an announcement," should read as "we will announce." It’s shorter and the verb is changed from the weak "make" to the much stronger "announce". If you want to find hidden verbs in your writing, look for endings such as: -ment, -tion, -sion, and –ance. Also, be mindful of use of weak verbs such as: give, have, make, achieve, reach, and take. You should be proud of your verbs, they are your tools, always use the right tool and your writing will improve.

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