How to Use There, Their and They're with Examples


There, their and they're, are what is known as homonyms. They sound the same in English but have different meanings. They often cause confusion and are a commonly made grammar mistake. They're, their, there grammar mistake

How to use 'there'

There is used to refer to places: 'The seat over there.' And also to establish existence: 'There is a coffee shop on the corner.'

How to use 'their'

Their indicates possession. It is a possessive adjective like mine, yours, his and hers. For example: 'They've lost their way.' 'Their friends will arrive tomorrow.'

How to use 'they're'

They're is a contraction of 'they are.' You should only use it in places where you would substitute 'they are'. For example: 'Hurry up, they're about to leave.' or 'They're happy to have won the match.'

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