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Build an Unforgettable World

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Introducing our newest eBook: World-Building 101!

  1. Learn how to build a world your readers will never forget
  2. Here's what we cover

Learn how to build a world your readers will never forget

World-building can make or break your novel, especially if you're a science fiction or fantasy author. If you do world-building right, your readers will feel as though your world lives and breathes. If you do world-building wrong, your readers will check out of your story and never connect with your setting or characters.

In our brand new eBook, we break down everything you need to know, from the basic rules of world-building to how software can assist you in the process.

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Here's what we cover

Full of actionable tips and real examples, here's what World-building 101 includes:

  • Why World-Building Matters
  • World-building 101
  • The Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created
  • The Three Main Rules of World-building
  • Creating the Species in Your World
  • Creating the Monsters in Your World
  • Creating God Characters in Your World
  • The Ultimate World-building Checklist
  • World-building Software

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