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Write a ProWritingAid Review and Get a Free License

Lisa Lepki
Head of Marketing and Editor of the ProWritingAid Blog
Published Mar 26, 2020

ProWritingAid review

Review ProWritingAid on your blog, website, or YouTube channel and get a free 1-year premium license.

We love it when our users talk about how they use ProWritingAid as part of their writing process. It's the best way for new users to understand how editing technology works.

So, from now until May 2020, if you review ProWritingAid on your website, blog, or YouTube channel, we will thank you with a free 1-year license!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Written reviews must be a minimum of 500 words and stay up for at least one year
  • Reviews must include a link to our website
  • Reviews must be shared on social media at least once

That's it!

Just tell people why you use ProWritingAid, show them your favorite reports, and give them the details to sign up.

When your review is ready, send a link to the live post to, along with the email address on your ProWritingAid account, and we'll set you up with your Premium license.

ProWritingAid Resources

Below are some resources that might be useful for you in your review:

  • You are welcome to embed or link to any of the videos on our YouTube channel
  • We have collected a wide variety of screenshots and graphics for you to use in your reviews
  • With over 1000 articles to choose from, there is something on the PWA blog for all kinds of writers
  • Your community can take a free trial of our software integrations
  • Have you checked out our Grammar Guide yet? We are adding new definitions and explanations every month.

Any questions? Just get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

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Lisa Lepki
Head of Marketing and Editor of the ProWritingAid Blog

Lisa Lepki is ProWritingAid's Head of Marketing and the Editor of the ProWritingAid blog. A word nerd, she loves the technical elements of writing almost as much as the writing itself. She is the co-author of The Novel-Writing Training Plan, Creating Legends: How to craft characters readers adore... or despise!, How to Build Your Author Platform on a Shoestring and 20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers.

If I already have a two-year license, will I get an additional year?
By soulsin on 31 March 2020, 11:37 PM
I have just completed a seven-day trial. Without doubt the Pro writing aid is a winner and could be a significant help to me. At my age ,eighty-four I am attempting to write a science fiction novel. So far I have it at 93400 words. I tested my first chapter in your free premium offer of seven days. Chapter one has come alive, and I can see and feel the improvement. I would love to have the chance of using the Pro Writing Aid for several more chapters of my novel. If that could happen, I believe I might have a chance of getting my book published.
By on 14 July 2020, 01:28 PM
That's fantastic! If you have questions about purchasing and using a license, please email us at Wishing you all the best with your novel! :)
By writersneed2 on 15 July 2020, 07:14 PM
I have just started using this to write my academic documents and it is phenomenal. It helped correct my style and any other grammar issues I had.
By gazal.bhargava on 17 August 2020, 06:11 AM
We are so glad that you love ProWritingAid! We do too. :)
By writersneed2 on 17 August 2020, 09:30 PM
As a writer, it is important to submit your manuscript in perfect condition. Submitting your work to a literary agent or a publisher requires that the manuscript be ready for print. Literary agents and publishers do not edit your work, and submitting a manuscript that is less than perfect is unacceptable. Worse, they may overlook future submissions by you. Get it right the first time! Use ProWritingAid. Apart from professional writing, common everyday letters, notes, text messages, and other written forms of communication should be of quality submission. Your written format reflects your image. ProWritingAid is the tool that is required in your toolbox. The program is easily downloadable. Using the program is simple. I recommend that ProWritingAid be used by people at various levels of education or age. Once you begin using ProWritingAid, you'll wonder how you got along without it. This product should be used for both home and business applications. You can test the program with a free trial. Go to and start your free trial today. You will be happy with the results.
By amazonauthor1 on 26 September 2020, 02:19 PM
Thanks for the love!!
By amy.cohen on 29 September 2020, 04:05 PM

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