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I am an American freelance writer and ghostwriter now living the expat life in Argentina. Never far from my coffee and Marlboros, I am always interested in discussing future work opportunities. Email me at and join the million-or-so who follow my life and work on Twitter @ Journey_America. My latest book, Don't Polish the Turd and Other Writing Tips is available on Amazon.

How I Live and Work as an American Expat Writer (and You Can Too)

by Jerry Nelson Mar 03, 2017

How I Live and Work as an American Expat Writer (and You Can Too)

I'm the guy you read about that works from any of the hundreds of sidewalk cafes in Buenos Aires, travels to Uruguay to wander the avenidas, fishes for Piranha in the Amazon, camps in Patagonia, watches the monkeys play in the rainforest and spends the night in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's cabin in Bariloche.

And then I write about it.

I live the life that thousands of people say they want to live. Someone said if you want to be doing something in life, find someone who is doing it, and then do what they do. I want to peel back the veil and show you what I do.

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